Minggu, 02 Juni 2013

Postingan Terakhir Sebagai Murid SMP? (1)


Sudah berapa lama blog ini terbengkalai? *hitung* Astaga, satu bulan penuh ya? Lebih? Oke, oke. Santai, kawan. Akhirnya dapet kesempatan menulis lagi. Ah, ralat. Maksudku, akhirnya aku bisa melawan rasa malasku! Hahaha.

Oke, jadi, apa saja yang aku alami selama aku meninggalkan blog ini? Mari sebut satu per satu. Hmm. Pertama, aku sudah melewati UN-ku dengan cukup lancar. Setelah UN, aku menikmati libur selama kurang lebih tiga minggu. Dan sebalnya, beberapa hari liburan harus aku korbankan demi sebuah proyek. Proyek apa? Baca aja terus, haha. Pokoknya proyek ini mengharuskan aku untuk pergi ke sekolah. Ya begitulah pokoknya.

Lalu, hmm... ah, ya, dua momen yang paling aku tunggu-tunggu dalam masa liburan ini...

Pengumuman kelulusan UN. Dan wisuda. Mungkin dua hari paling emosional dalam tiga tahunku di SMP.

Sabtu, 13 April 2013

H-16 UN.

Oke, kembali ke bahasa Indonesia karena aku sedang malas ber-Inggris-ria. Oh, dan satu informasi nggak penting: netbook biru kecilku sedang ada masalah dengan keyboard-nya. Entahlah, belakangan ini orangtuaku selalu memakai netbook-ku 24 jam (ya, 24 jam) untuk sesuatu yang aku tidak mengerti. Blog advertising, huh? 

Ngomong-ngomong, ini sudah H-9 UN. Dan apa yang aku lakukan? Duduk di depan laptop besar ini, sambil mengetik postingan blog selanjutnya. Haha. Tapi sudahlah, aku sudah kepengen menulis ini sejak kemarin Minggu. Tapi karena aku sakit, ya batallah keinginan itu.

Baik, mari kita lompati bagian curcol di atas.

Ehm. Jadi, di H-16 UN kemarin (hari Sabtu, 6 April lebih tepatnya), kami seangkatan pergi ke Ungaran untuk melepaskan kejenuhan gara-gara hiruk-pikuk menjelang UN. Kau tahulah, belajar, TO, bimbel pagi, bimbel sore, oh, whatta life. Tepatnya, di Ngrembel Asri. Oke, aku sudah pernah ke sana sebelumnya, tapi itu sudah lama sekali. Sekitar 3 atau 4 tahun yang lalu. Dan kali ini, aku kembali lagi... dengan teman-teman angkatan 9!

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

School examination, photography, et cetera.

CAUTION: This post may causes madness. Or hatred.

Here I come again with some random, rubbish thoughts.

Alright, since there's no exam today (national holiday, oh yeah), and I ran out of everything I could do, so, yeah, I think updating this stuff is the best decision I could make at the moment.

Well then. Currently, I'm doing my school examination this week, but as I told you before, I got a holiday! Until now, I think I did it quite successfully. Especially, for the mathematics exam! I'm so damn satisfied with it. Usually, I always got around 7 for the markings, but I think I'll get much better this time. And with science, too. The biology questions are completely similar to the exercises and try outs that I've done! You can imagine how surprised are we.

Enough with that, yesterday I just caught something to write in my mind.

I've told you slightly in an old post that I have an enthusiasm in photography. Since when, you might ask? Well, to be honest, actually it all started with a little of curiosity. I was around 11 or 12 years old when I made some mess in my parents' bookshelf, looking for something interesting, and then I saw a book about photography. When I read it, I was like "What's this?" "Seems interesting!" "I want to do this!" and so on. My dad has the Canon EOS 600 (the analog one, with film rolls inside it), and he used it to capture my childhood. Hehe.

But due to the change of time (?), he never uses that again. Instead, he stored it in the wardrobe. Hm. And about 2 years ago, he bought the small Canon EOS 1000D, my new best friend. I like this camera, but as it turns out, I realized that the 1000D is (probably) Canon's most basic DSLR camera. Well, it doesn't bother me anyway. I believe that the quality of the image depends on the photographer. Am I right? :D

Have I told you that I joined the journalistic extra curricular in my school? Well, I do. Three years in a row! Which means I always join this activity since my very first year in junior high. I love seeing how much this extra have improved. In my senior year, I'm being an "unofficial leader" on photography group. I write as well, but 2 years in writing group shows that my writing skill doesn't improve that much. So, I moved to photography.

That's not my point. I'm going to talk about today's trend. You might see that nowadays, there's a lot of teenagers (most of them are girls, yes) want, or have a DSLR camera. And I must admit that... yeah, they have better DSLR than me. Like, let's just say, Canon EOS 600D, Nikon D90, or even the big Canon EOS 1D. But that doesn't guarantee that they have captured good photos. I'm going to be a little bit rude. Some of them captured rubbish. And self-portraits, oh my God! You know what I mean, right? Narcissism everywhere. I admit that I did the self-portrait. But once. And I deleted it right after I took it. HAHAHAHA.

I understand, even I appreciate their high enthusiasm in photography. I'm quite happy with it! But rather than take self-portrait with your DSLR, why not trying to explore something new? If you want to take only self-portrait, use webcam. Or your phone. Or whatever. Yes, I'm going to be soooo rude. Sorry. I once saw my little juniors on photography group were taking self-portrait while we're supposed to hunt photos around school. Such a waste of time, you can take it by yourself at home right? We're here to learn about photography, girls.

Yes, I have to admit that sometimes I get frustrated on those who don't know even a bit about their camera. Like the settings for example. They don't know how to change the image settings, et cetera. This happens to my 12-years-old sister. She takes a lot of self-portraits almost everyday, and she even doesn't know how to adjust the settings (like change the effects of the image). She just knows how to turn on the camera and press the shutter button. Just. That. I know I'm supposed to teach her but she forgets easily. And she's spamming the memory card with rubbish. Even my mom once suggested me to just delete her unnecessary photos. Well, haha. I'm going to do that later. :v

Good equipment doesn't guarantee your image quality, I must say. It only helps you make a good photo, but still, the quality of the photo depends on the photographer. The man behind the gun. Even though I only have the 1000D, I still feel like I have to get know more about the camera. Oh, and maybe the 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens is just enough for this time. I have to explore much more and more.

Well, just a thought. I think people become more consumptive these days. Buying something that isn't necessary just to fulfill their desire. Get what you need, not what you want. And be grateful on something you have. Who knows if you can capture better photos than they who have more sophisticated DSLR? :D

By the way, as you might see, I just changed my blog title. Although my blog isn't all about photography, I think it represents me. Small, loves photography, and loves the number 13.

One of my friend once told me that I'm the only one who can makes the 1000D looks bigger. I mean, am I that small? ._.

That's all I think.


Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

Just a thought. Don't get mad.

I don't understand why some of my friends keep complaining about how busy they are, how stressed they are, how tired they are, as 9th grade students, who are going to face the national examination soon.

Well, don't get it wrong. Me too, to be honest. I'm tired and stressed, too. But I think as long as you enjoy it, it doesn't matter at all. I confess that there's some moments when I enjoyed being a 9th grade student (read: busy student). Go to school early in the morning and go home late in the afternoon. A lot of practice and exercise sheets to do. Carry the big, heavy bag everyday, which is full of books and exercise sheets. Non-stop evaluations and motivations from the teachers.

Wait, I suddenly remembered that yesterday one of my teacher got mad at us (9th graders) because we're always late on flag ceremony every Monday. And we're just like, "Oh, Ma'am, don't you know? We have additional class in the morning and then you expect us to come to school yard to join the ceremony on time? Impossibru!"

...that's one of disadvantages being seniors. You know, stuffs like "Remember, you're a 9th grader now. Be a good role model to your juniors!", "You have to be better than your predecessors!", "You guys are disappointing me, I've expected you to be better than this!", et cetera. Then we get blamed on every little things. But I'm quite accustomed with that because, yes, my parents sometimes do the same thing to me. Sometimes. I'm the eldest daughter in my family and as I told you before, I'm accustomed with those blaming things.

Okay, enough. Back to our topic. I have to confess, sometimes I enjoyed being busy. Because I know, the high school and college life will be harder than now. At least I tried to enjoy every moment, every little things that happen now. Am I afraid? Am I stressed? Yeah, sort of. I'm kinda haunted by the fear that I won't graduate successfully. But hey, let's be optimistic. We still have another time to fix our mistakes, another time to study, another time to ensure yourself that everything is going to be alright!

By the way, just turned 15 on March 13th. I'm older... hey, I'M GETTING OLDER. MUAHAHAHA.

Ehm. Let's go to the point. My point is, don't worry, be happy! But don't underestimate everything. Take it seriously. I mean, concentrate and work hard. Well, note to self, too. I know I'm inconsistent sometimes. Enjoy, and it might doesn't matter.

We entered the school together, we must graduate together, am I right? And be successful together, for sure.

Fight for the upcoming exams.

May the odds be ever in our favor.

Wishing you a lot of luckiness, my beloved friends. I pray for all of you. Don't complain anymore, we share the same suffering (ehehe).

It's 9 PM already, I shall go to the bed. Goodnight.


Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Back To December on SNWT

This is Taylor Swift's performance on her Speak Now World Tour, performing the medley of Back To December, Apologize (by One Republic), and You're Not Sorry. Kinda touching.

Taylor, you're breaking my heart for this. :')

I only embed this from YouTube, I have nothing.

BY THE WAY SHE'S GOING TO RELEASE THE "22" MUSIC VIDEO TOMORROW! And her RED Tour starts tomorrow, too. It's 13th, by the way.

...and my birthday.

I cannot wait for her RED World Tour here, in Indonesia! Let's paint the world red~


Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Blue. Pink. Red. Get Wet.

 Being happy is simple.

Like, you know, just gather around with your friends, have fun, laugh as loud as you want, splash the water everywhere, scream as loud as you want because you're getting wet. Throw the colorful plastic ball to the pool, as far as you can. Or put your face on the water and try to hold your breath as long as possible.

And running through the heavy rain while carrying hot tea in plastic cup would be nice, too. Until you're soaking wet all over your body. And you're freezing all the way home because the car's air conditioner is somehow too cold to handle.

Like I just did yesterday.

Having such an enchanted, amazing quality time with my classmates.

I must confess that at the beginning of the year, I didn't expect that we're going to be crazy like this. But, yep, God always has surprises. Unfortunately I only had less than 4 months with them. Because after this, we're going to separate our own way.

But it doesn't matter at all, I still love them though.

Let 9BOOM rules all the way!


Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Belajar menyayangi.

Hari ini, aku belajar banyak.

Tentang bagaimana mengikhlaskan kepergian seseorang, tentang bagaimana caranya menguatkan diri saat ditimpa musibah, dan yang paling penting, bagaimana caranya menyayangi sesama. Khususnya keluarga kita, saudara kita. Kakak dan adik kita. :')

Kemarin petang, salah satu temanku baru saja kehilangan adik kecil satu-satunya, yang meninggal karena sakit. Aku sendiri sangat terkejut dan tidak bisa membayangkan seperti apa rasanya kehilangan adik. Apalagi, adik satu-satunya. Aku benar-benar tidak bisa membayangkan. Dan tadi pagi, kami seangkatan melayat ke rumahnya, yang notabene lumayan dekat dari sekolah. Lumayan sih, memotong jam pelajaran. Tapi sudahlah, tidak usah membahas tentang jam pelajaran yang terpotong, karena memang di saat seperti itu, siapa yang peduli? Kami semua merasakan hal yang sama: sedih, miris. Udah, gitu aja. Ditambah lagi melihat temanku itu menangis sampai wajahnya basah oleh air mata... well, rasanya jahat banget kalau enggak berusaha menghiburnya, jadilah kami anak perempuan berusaha memeluk dan membuatnya tersenyum lagi.